Fortified mobile integrity

Industry-leading certifications bolster the protections already integral to your smartphones’ hardware and software.

Android Enterprise Recommended

Your mobile fleet is secured by Google-vetted business solutions, providing reliable data protection and seamless device management. AER certification guarantees major release upgrades and ensures the implementation of timely security updates. You can trust that each of our business-edition devices meets Google’s strict requirements for hardware and software performance.

Award-winning solutions

Motorola was named 2021 Mobile Security Solution Provider of the Year by Mobile Breakthrough, an organization that recognizes innovation and achievement in mobile technology. With ThinkShield for mobile, Motorola brings unmatched security solutions to consumers and businesses alike – and the wireless industry is taking notice.

Comprehensive certification

The security of your mobile business is ensured by Common Criteria and other globally recognized certification solutions. FIPS 140-2 certification validates the rigorous security requirements of our cryptographic components.

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